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    Monthly Meeting: Employee Benefits and &Workers Compensation Crossover

    Date: May 14, 2021, 11:30am
    Tap House 20 & Virtual Available
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    Join us as Alissa Miller and Diana Schmidt from Hausmann-Johnson Insurance discuss Employee Benefits and Workers Compensation Crossover

    Employee Benefits and Workers Compensation Crossover

    As an HR professional, your employees’ health is a top priority.  Everything from physical health, mental health, productivity and engagement are major contributing factors to running your organization effectively.  Employee Benefits and Workers Compensation have a great deal of common ground when it comes to your employee’s health, but we often overlook the importance of managing the crossover between the two.    Addressing the commonalities of both your employee benefits and workers compensation departments can be the key to a healthier, more productive workforce.


    1. Better Benefits, Lower Costs?  Can improving your employee benefits lower your worker’s compensation frequency?
    2. Understanding emerging issues that can impact both Employee Benefits and Worker’s Compensation such as coronavirus, prioritizing mental health for employees injured at home or on the job, Opioid and pain management.
    3. Power of managers caring and making meaningful connections with employees who are on leave due to a workplace injury (or any type of injury) – genuinely interested in them as a person has an impact that goes beyond quicker return to work but also with retention of top talent.